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Is this game not will get an update?

It is, but if I understood it right, only the finished acts are going public.

For the updates between the public ones you have to be a supporter on Patreon.

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LOVED this! The art style, story and the characters....I hope to see an update(I drop by now and then to check if there's one). Wonderful lewd little game, keep up the good work ^_^

One of the best games on this site rn, sucks that it doesn't get the attention it deserves though.

This is my first time downloading a game into files, I was wondering if any of you could help me (ios)

the game is cool but please make it so that the game does not merge the saving

al final tuve que pasarme el juego en otra pc unu, me gusto el juego, un 9/10, le baje un punto por el error :p, me gustaria saber donde se puede ver las ultimas noticias del acto 2 (o mejor dicho, en donde es que estan mas activos carrot y vixel)

Cool game. I reccomend this game!


(espero que alguien sepa español :,D)

yo tengo un pequeño GRAN problema con el juego, cuando me voy al agua para conseguir las tablas que me faltan y despues me voy a la tierra firme, el pobre de rascal se me buguea y queda levitando en el aire sin capacidad de moverse, obligandome a resetear, a continuacion un capture de pantalla mostrando el bug unu

si alguien sabe como arreglar este bug pls diganmelo que no puedo avanzar mas :( (si nadie entiende el spanish, puede usar el traductor de spanish to english :3)

pls ayudenme con mi problema que no puedo avanzar mas en el juego :"(

does anyone know how to complete the quest where you have to get the wood?

Espero que sepas español... si no, traducelo xd, lo que necesitas es los flotadores para poder tener la madera que esta en el agua, y para tener los flotadores tienes ue regalarle al cartero cuyo nombre no me acuerdo (esta al lado del puente) un "juguete" que lo "divierta" (para no decir que es un pit...) espero que te sirva bro

no ayudó mucho

mmm.... ok, ya me di cuenta que me falto decirte algo, en medio del lago hay un cocodrilo que se llama augustus que debiste haberlo visto ya antes, si hablas con augustus te dara unos 10 tablones de madera

I downloaded it. fun game, but one fatal problem is my progress keeps resetting


I hope someone will respond me. 

Is the game is available on mobile? 

Cause I really want to play this game on it, I don't have computer with me for now and probably for a long time and if we can play on phone, I don't know how to launch the game. If someone can explain or just tell me we can't play it on phone, thanks. 

no existe la version pa moviles bro (por ahora)

¿Así que va a conseguir uno?

todavia no tienen soporte para mobiles, pero pronto van a añadir la posibilidad de jugar por ahi, de momento solo es pa pc

un que?


Good game I'm looking forward to the innovations that will come soon I hope soon :)

Sorry but I only found 2 of the 3 scenes where is the 3rd?

go back to the race area

Deleted 29 days ago

la primera escena se consigue enseñandole el culo a la planta mutante (en la mision de recolecar el fertilizante para scarlett) el segundo se consigue al usar el gossip con la ardilla atleta (justamente la ultima pregunta del gossip), y la tercera es hablar con scarlett cuando ya recolectaste todas las tablas de madera y se las hallas dado a bucky, espero que te ayude esta info uwu (espero que sepas español xd)


Any news about Act 2?

yo tambien tengo la misma duda, y en que otra pagina se pueden saber acerca de las noticias de este juego?

english please.

I also have the same doubt, and in what other page can you find out about the news of this game?

LOVE THIS GAME! Its so Cute and Lewd, Perfect Combo, Love to see what Act 2 has to Offer! Keep Doing A Great Job At Making this Game! <3 <3 ,3

Good Game

Update please T.T

Damn this game it sooooo good. Can't wait to play more of it!


It's cute! It's a well-thought story! The town music, oh my... even when the first time i heard it, it's already sound kinda naughty! and, of course, the naughty part as well... is quite engaging <3!

I really love how well you create the dialog between each critters! the dialog goes along well with each of their personality! I certainly and absolutely can't wait for the Act 2 and on!

Thank you so much for your hard work, and i give you my deepest regards and well-wished thought for the team on making this masterpiece!!

Man you have to make save slots! My run was ruined for the 2nd time because of bugs, if you dont wanna to make save slots, at least make a way to turn off the Autosave.

I realy liked the game, but i I couldn't finish, please make changes 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.

(I am brazilian, everything i know about English i learn in games, sorry if i wrote something wrong).


Nice.  A bit simple and short, but the animation is smooth and the controls easy to use.  The 'artistic' scenes aren't to my personal taste, but no reason they should be, are still well made.  Music sets a good background, and the sound effects are solid.  By no means a finished game, but doesn't claim to be.   Looks like will be a very good game when is finished.

Android when?

Very high quality game! I like GUI and the way the story progresses. 10/10 for a demo!

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hello hank from Madness Combat

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Might not see more content till possibly 2022 due to the fact that theyre releasing acts 2, 3, and 4. Act 5 is supposed to be the post game where you can explore and meet new critters that Patreons have paid to be in the game so definitely bookmark or download this game 

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Very fun game, but just a couple bugs I noticed in the Mac build. 1) I was unfortunately not able to save my progress, even after pressing save. 2) Sometimes when I play the game, after completing the quest to...get fertiliser, I am not able to talk with the rabbit at all. 3) The characters are TOO CUTE. Love the artwork and i hope you have fun making the game and have a great day ^_^


I liked it!       I want Act 2 T_T..


How do I use the bell on keyboard?


Hi Carrot! I really enjoyed your game with Vixel, I've been playing every one of your monthly patchnote from patreon. And practically since the beginning of your game, I would like to add my pet there. A regular one, but an interesting one that wouldn't have a story attached to it, but that would have a scene with the main character. Could you tell me, do you add custom characters to the game for money? If so, how much would it cost to fully add my character to the game? Again, let me remind you that it will be a regular critter, it doesn't necessarily have to have quests through it. I just want it to be there. Thanks!

From patreon


i would sell my soul for more of this

i hope it continues soon with the version of tfol

can you play this on chromebook?

Yep! Works for me!


A nice game 


what in fucks name are u doin

When will the Android version be?

it’s a really good game!

when will the full game come out


maybe 2022

2 soon


Fun game


can you add a dragon? XD but I really love what I’ve seen! I really hope to see much more! ^^ Oh I love penny though!


Fantastic demo! I loved it and can't wait to see how the game ends up!

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