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I know you said there isn't anyway to customize your experience so far but is there plans for customization? I know it might be a stretch but it be really cool if would select our starting animal from a small selection if not that maybe be able to customize our name?

I don't think they plan to make you able to customize your character, the game itself it set to have Rascall as the protagonist, at least they haven't said anything about it.

I figured as much still be cool though

traducción para el juego

puede que lo logren hacer, pero también pude que no. 

Amazing game, I can't wait for chapter 3.

Where's the save file location on android? I got a new phone and I wanna transfer my progress from the old one

I enjoy running it on my pixel 7a, where ironically it runs smoother than on my laptop 🤔, I use an Xbox controller on mobile and the Logitech fp710 on PC (yes, it's that controller) and quite frankly, this game is adorable, cant wait for act 3


still waiting for act 3 lol. sorry if this sounds pushy or rude or anything negative. sorry if it seems that way


they are working on it every day and don't worry! no need to be sorry.


This game is... How do I put this? Too innocent looking to have nsfw elements to it lol

yeah but is to make it adorable. 


I was really hoping for a halloween event while we wait for the next act.

they did a mini halloween themed thing in the patreon version but it wasn't a side event like "blessing of the bells" but that was last year, I don't think they will work on more of the same holiday for each year. 

Are they still working on the game?

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Yep,they are giving updates on patreon almost evry week :PAlso there is a site that has information on theg ames updates(warning tho,it is  delayed for 3 years,i think,so no promises).

Here is the link to heir patreon:

and here is the link to that site:


eh no problem.Btw if you need anything else,just ask :P

Can't find the apk of Act2, am i missing something or it's just unavailable?


Nope,as act 1 and act 2 apks should be both in the same donwlad :P So if you only got  act 1,then it might be a pesky bug,so try reinstaliing the game,maybe that fixes it.(also happy hallowen !)

Thank you, I'll try that!

eh no problwem,btw if you need anything else,just ask :P

There was no glitch at all lol, I thought that the act 2 was something after the sweater quest but I was wrong...

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ye ik the pain :P Sadly tho act 2 ends there,atleast with the normal version off the game, tho there is a patreon version off  the game,that might be more updated,tho you will have pay 5 dollars for patreon subscription to get it :P Tho if you want some information on the game updates(or bassicaly soem general information on the game),visit this: (tho a warning,the site is delayed for 3 years,so no promises)

Btw if you want to  visit their  patreon for the patreon version off the game,here is the link :



(ik,very creative :P)


Fis todas as missão do jogo e nao acontesse mais nada não consigo ir nem na caverna de gelo e nem sair da sidade


infelizmente a caverna de gelo ainda não está no jogo, embora haja um evento especial no jogo chamado bênção dos sinos, basicamente você tem que falar com Scarlett após terminar o ato 2, e fofocar com ela sobre como Penny pode carregar tudo isso criaturas, basicamente isso:

(Além disso, se você quiser saber mais sobre as atualizações do jogo, visite este link, embora um aviso de que o site está atrasado cerca de 3 anos: 

(embora você também possa visitar o patreon, mas terá que pagar 5 dólares por semana para obter atualizações mensais do jogo, aqui está o link: )

após terminar o ato, vá até Scarlett (Uma coelhinha com chapéu)

então fofoque com ela e pergunte como Penny  consegue carregar todas essas criaturas o dia todo

e é assim que você ativa o evento bênção dos sinos

Can patreon people say how the the update are coming along if they don't talk about what's in the update? I check this almost daily and just wanting to know if it going to be a few days/months until the next update.


the update is coming soon... (at least that what they said) apparently they just need to add a few new animations, which those take long and make sure they work perfectly fine and without bugs (the bugs are their major concern whenever they give us an update on the game) but I'd say the act 3 should be coming within a few months! 

cool the the game so fare good luck.

same here.


I love the game (not just the porn) and I think a DS or 3DS would make the best device to play this on.

the graphics surely reminds me of those consoles! 

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I'm playing on the browser.  I've found a seemingly game-breaking glitch. After racing with Dustin, if I challenge him to a rematch immediately, and roll to the end, instead of ending the race, it gives me the option to talk to him, and I can leave the roped-off area as if it's not even there. If I go back to the start, however, I can't walk through the rope like I can on the far end, which means I can't go back to collecting wood. I can't leave, and I can't finish the race. All it lets me do is challenge Dustin again.

Also the plant minigame has a lot of issues. A lot of my spacebar presses aren't registered, and when I transition to the next section of path none of my spacebar presses are registered. Turning on the cheat doesn't make it an easy or automatic win but instead makes it an instant automatic fail. I think it would be incredibly helpful if we could talk to Bucky about getting an "aid" for the task, or maybe even asking Mabel to help since she seems so giddy about what Rascal is doing. The latter could play into a type of "interest".

The game would also benefit greatly from a save feature.

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Em,just a question,but did you acitvate cheats before you started the minigame,or as soon as you started it ,as the cheats might work if you activate them before you go to the plant .Tho if that doesnt wrok,then it might acctaully be a pesky bug,tho i did try these cheats before, and they did work for me,so idk :P(tho i am playing on the pc donwladabel  version off the game,so the problem might be exlusive to the browser version of the game(tho as i said before,idk).


they already adressed the bug in Patreon iirc in recent versions of the game, there's also a Save feature of the game I'll be coming in act III and about for the spacebar situation, I recommend downloading the Blessing of the Bells version of the game since is the most recent version for free (like Darkness said) 

Hey I have a question.

I'm at the part where the ritual stones are glowing blue, and some of the critters are huddled around it.

I'm just wondering if there's anything else to do? Or is this the end of Act 2?

I'm pretty sure that's it for now. There may be other stuff to do like dates if they're available but there's no more for the main story.

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well,you have to go to the two coyotes (Clarie and Violet),to finish act 2,after that go to the mishveous  bunny with a hat(Scarlett),and ask her(gossip)how does birda(Penny)carry all the critters,with this you will unlock a special event called blessing of the bells :P Also if you finished the first part of the alvin and the chipmunk(Dustin) minigame,you can chat with with him again to  get the second part of it ,btw you bassically have to beat the whole second  part without getting hit to get the story,basically its prrety hard :PAlso if you look around and talk to some characters,you mgiht find some secrets.

Also here is the way to get the blessing of theb ells event(which you can only get after finishing act 2).

1.gossip with Scarlet

then click how is Penny able to carry critters all day

This should unlock the event :P

Will there be Halloween and other holiday events in game later down the line?

if you are asking for events just like "Blessing of the bells" well I can't say, they haven't talk about it in patreon and we haven't got a build of the game with any event, the game says that there will be side events just like "Blessing of the bells" but they don't actually say that it'll be a holiday.

do you know when the next update will come

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well,there are some information on this: (tho the site is delayed for 3 years,so no promises :P) .You cold also visit their patreon, which does have have updates about the game,and also has patreon version of the game(tho you will need to pay  patreon subscruption of 5 dollars a month to get it,and the monthly game builds)Here is the link to the patreon :

Deleted 74 days ago
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nope,the bear and the fire flies are sadly not in the game yet :P


you guys should probably switch to godot, fuckin unity gonna be a shitpile for devs

Whenever I try to open the game on mac, I get a popup that says:

The application “TheForestOfLove” can’t be opened.

I have gone through a few troubleshooting methods, and nothing has worked yet. is there a way to fix for this problem?

hi! hopefully this helps! (thanks to Darkness for sharing the link long ago) 

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eh no problem.Tho not gonna lie, i kinda forgot that i did that :P

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I hate this stupid minigame! i cant keep the seed in at all! i have tryed 32 times! and even the cheat wont work!

i am going to break something... i have tryed so much! i am smashing my space bar but it is like it isnt detecting that i am! i press it like, 10 per second but it acts as if i aint pressing it at all!

nvm... i have finally beaten it... that was so stupid tho

I was reading all this ready to give you ideas and to help you out until I saw the end where you said that you finally got it done, happy for you though! 

thx, i just think it wasnt detecting my space bar

Glad you got it at the end!

I could use those ideas. It stops registering my spacebar after it transitions to the next section of path.

well,you could use cheats to go thorugh that part :P Bassically press ESC while in game,select cheats,and then enabel no driping.

Basically this:

press esc and select cheats:

then select plant minigame prevent drip and turn it on:

And basically thats how you prevent drip in the minigame :P

Is the game finished or slowly being developed? looks awesome and I'd like to know if they're keep uploading it so I can try it!

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yep,the game is slowly being developed :PTho if you want more information on the progress of the game, check out this site (tho it is delayed about 2 years or more,so no promises)Tho you could check out their patreon ,which does have list of updates on the game and the  whole more upgraded version of the game :P Basically this: 

Excelente, thank you for answering!

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Eh no problem :P If you need anything else tho,just ask .

like Darkness said, yes the game is being developt by two people working every single day to tell of what's up every week in something called "this week in the forest" with a new build every month, but that's over on patreon! 

Sorry, I just woke up and my brain is kinda dead still, so, you mean that the game is constantly being updated but just in the paetron page? 

the version on itchi.o is way too old?

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not constatly,tho the patreon version of the game  is  more updated then normal version  :P Tho even the normal version of the game  will eventually get updated.

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Yes the game gets updated in patreon with a new "build" each month like a new gallery art or animation sadly we didn't got a new build this month because is an animation and they need to work more on it, they also give us news about the game each week and what they have been up to. 

If you are wondering why you haven't got anything here in Itchio is not because the rest of the game is patreon exclusive content is because they are working on act 3 before they make it public for everyone, so once act 3 is finished they will release it here in Itchio. 

No I cannot say anything about what's behind patreon, sorry. ^^;

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From a game dev to another, it's a really good game, the art is so well done, the story is interesting and the gameplay is great. The only thing i don't like is that you don't have much choise of what NSFW content you want(or not) see, as someone who is not into LGBT+ stuff it's kinda uncofortable when i have to see an obligatory gay male scene when i want to beat my meat while i'm playing this game. Don't get me wrong, i'm ok with the sexual preferences of the people but it's just not my thing, i'm not into that. Luckily it's the cheat option but it takes away all the fun that this game offers. Maybe in future updates you could put an option where the player can choose if they can skip the scenes they don't want to see.
If i had the money, i would defenetly support your project. 
I'm really excited to see how this game ends up. 


Well thank you for being so open about what you do with this game but sadly is not how the game works, the idea of TFOL is about how free and comfortable everyone feels with each other, sadly this game is not for everyone since this game is being developt by furries and in this community, homosexuality is pretty normal.

As for a skip cut scene mechanic, I don't know anything about since they haven't mention anything on patreon about it, right now currently you can only skip the plant minigame, not skip the cutscene but the whole mission.

Thought as you mentioned if you are only here to "beat your meat" and don't care about the story then I just recommned to use the cheat to unlock every scene and just focus on the male/female interaction only.

tried to make this answer the most friendly way possible, didn't mean to offend anyone. Cheers! 


Ayo! Thanks for the compliments!

One of the things our rebuild is incorporating is tags! We will be tagging scenes by preference and critter, so peeps will be able to filter the gallery. But with that function, we want to also implement a preference setting so it can skip those moments for people who don’t want to view whatever content.

I’ve heard the comments “I’m not usually into blank, but this is super hot!” Many times before, so I definitely suggest folks taking a look instead of flat skipping stuff. But it’s a function we will be adding none the less.


well that's one way to explain things, thanks Carrot! 


Hey so I was looking around reading some of your comments and headers and quickly created this account so I could reply to your request for reviews on the apk (android) version of this game.

this review is for the outdated download 

Works pretty good actually about 50 to 47 fps (frames per a second but you probably already know what that means)

The touch screen buttons well they don't respond to rapid presses 

When you try to enter a menu mostly the your inventory it tends to drop the fox down to 32

Last but not least using a controller (ps4,xbox,etc) the controls are a little junky 

I hope this helped carrot 🥕 Evan tho again this ver is outdated

And please get back to me if you got this reply and I would love to join your team on any terms of their is a spot open 

Plz reply with good news or just saying you read

Yeah, i mean it's your game and you can choose the public you want to reach. I'm just giving my oppinion because i see a potential to reach more people but as i said, it's your game and you can do whatever you want. In any case, i'll support your game in any way possible. I really mean it when i said that this is a really good and fun game by its own. It's really enjoyable, even if you are not looking for porn or things like that.  This is one of the few games I would be willing to support economically, if i could.

Can somebody tell me how to run the game I already have it on a folder

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oh.Well 1.  you have to click on TFOL.Windows.Act2Officicall ,then on windows,and then just click the forest of love exe :P

Tho if you are using winRAR  (which  is what im using):

Basically this:


1. go to file eplorer,then right click and   extract the file  TFOL.Windows.Act2Officicall  , then click on the extracted  TFOL.Windows.Act2Officicall ,click windows,and then click on the forest of love exe :P


Right click on TFOL.Windows.Act2Officicall and click extract all.

then click on the extracted TFOL.Windows.Act2Officicall(btw dont question why the picture here is bigger)

then click on windows


and then click the forest of love exe.

(and basically thats how you start up the game with winRAR:P )

(btw i dont have pictures for the none winRAR,so you will have to go by the text )

I had the wrong version i used linux not windows ty for helping me realize

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eh no problem,btw if you need anything else,just ask :P


cumsume the cum chalice 


cumsume the cum chalice

for some reason on the first act, first time ringing the bell and meeting the bird, the moment her monologue finished and she takes me back to central forest its all black screen, but the music is still playing. Cant play any further of the story

if you are playing the web version I recommend you downloading the application instead, if you are using the application then I recommend you using the UnityCrashHandler, hopefully it'll fix your problem, or either that or swapping pretty the 32bit build instead. (which is downloading the 

Still happened with the 32 bit, tried deleting the progress and starting a new run and still cant progress further after the first ringing of the bell, though I can still hear the background music playing, I've also tried waiting out still no change. Looks like the game doesnt want me to progress further :D

have you ttried with the UnityCrashHandler? and if that doesn't work all I can recommend is to use the chapter select system for you to skip that part giving you trouble.

just wanted to know is there any update on the full release or future betas. 

well there is a site with some information on that,but its  like delayed for 2 years,so no promises :P

Anyways  here is the link to it :


eh no problem :P If you need anything else tho,just ask.

yes there's new ones every month in the patron and they keep you updated each week on what they have been up to concerning the game, all in patreon! 

love the game, but i literally cannot get past need for seed. i get to mable with 90% and even though I am MASHING, like i think my spacebar needs some rest, it just drops. no way past it, i don't know if i'm doing something wrong or if i'm just bad at that part but is there anyway i can just skip it? i've done it like 5 times with the same result so even though i want to continue playing, i just can't :(

eh no worries,you can skip it :P Basically just press esc and go to cheats,and then activate no dripping

Basically this:

press esc,and go to cheats

and then click  plant minigame prevent  drip

thank you sm, you're a life saver

eh no problem :P  Btw if you need anything else just ask.

Just curious and sorry if this is a dumb question but is act 1 included in this download or is that it's own release page on here? If so I'm having some trouble finding it.

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nope act 1 and act 2 are both 1 donwload together,and also no worries its not a dum question :P


here is a old game-play i need to get around the new version i am a long time patreon supporter and i will keep supporting this game keep up the good work.


Why do I feel like this is going to be like the game Orrios and not receive an update or even status update in over a year? 


Don't worry! they work on the game everyday and they give us information of the game every week! and a build every month! the game does get updated is just that it's on Patreon! sooner or later they will give us act 3! 


thanks for that 

I genuinely wasn't aware but now I have hope. 


no worries! I sadly cannot say what's coming because that's against the rules but yes, they are working on it every single day! 

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dont call the devil


(1 edit) (+1)

basically its another way of saying  dont jinx it :P

you are once again being silly hehe.

when is the next chapter coming out?

there's not an exact date for the next act all I can say is that is coming out this year for sure, just gotta be patient, sadly their page isn't updated, only way to keep yourself updated is through Patreon.

Loved the game. wish listed on steam... wish awesome animation didn't take as long to complete but I guess that's what they say about art. would love to see a price or confirmation date so I could pre-order so I can buy it... patreon is great but I have other things that I need to fund I'm afraid.

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well you could more information about the game on this site:

(tho the site is delayed about 2 or 3 years,so no promises:P)

(1 edit)

there's not a confirmation date but a confirmation on how many acts there will be (6 in total) and as for steam they said that the price will be $10 something like that but that's for those who want to support the game that way, here it'll be free. 

I'm sorry if this has been asked/answered before but how many Acts are planned for the finished game?

(1 edit)

well they did say there would about 6 acts:P Tho if you want more information on this,visit this   

(btw forgot to mention,but the sites is delayed about 2 or 3 years.Sorry for the delay)

When I launch this game, I just get a gray screen with floating leaves only. I tried to solve this issue by shortening game folder names, reinstalling unity, using compatiblity settings etc- but the problem unfortunately persists. The WebGL version funnily enough, actually works without any noticable problems 

(1 edit)

oh, im assuming you already used the unity crashed handler then,if you didnt tho then go under and there should be an application called unity crash handler.Basically this:

(and yes the  red circle  is perfect)

Tho if thats not the problem.Then you could try redownloading the game,tho as the last option you probably already did that.So you only option is probably reporting this problem developer(probably)
basically this:

The crash handler doesn't solve bugs, it dumps your crashed game and sends the info to the dev. I also did send a bug report too, just writing this down here to make them notice the bug more and for players whom have experienced the bug to write some solutions or also say that they have experienced it idk

does touch screen work?


I mean the game does have an android version , so it probably works :P(btw sorry for the delay)

if you are wondering if it works on those super expensive PC's that have touch screen, then no it doesn't, only keyboard and mouse, but if you are wondering about the phone version, yes it does work on phone/tablet (sadly nothing from mac devices as in those doesn't allow you to download apk files) (I think I could be wrong)

I tried it just doesn’t work on iPhone well from browser but it does work if you download it soo..thanks?


Great game ran amazingly but I want more

(1 edit)

Well you could get the patreon version of the game(as there is seemengy more content on it)tho it will cost you about 5 dollars for the patreon subscription:P

gotta be patient! act 3 is months away! 

Any knowledge if we will be able to buy and play on steam when act 3 comes out

only the full version on the game will be on steam!

My device is a Fire HD 8 (10th generation) tablet the game is really laggy and been crashing too often or as soon as its playing a scene

(1 edit)

well maybe this can help :P

(btw after you visit the link, you need to scroll down,then you will find all the tips on how to fix the app problems ).

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