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oooh this is so cool that game . are there any game like this game plzz if there any game any one know it plzz tell me 

Excuse me, what should I do when the fish in the water come out? thank you

Does anybody know how I can unlock Story 05? Thanks.

I played this last November and i loved every minute of it this game reminds me of undertale with the deeper lore and adorable characters plus the hours of content. but to end it here this game is great and if you are a furry or is just really horny you should play this

when i get the floaties and jump in the water and then get out the game glitches and makes the panda go in and out SOOOO much. sometimes its doesn't stop.

the best way around this is only just go into the ledge and stop and dont go in at angles only straight on 

Can't wait for the 3rd act to come out

Please add a way to rebind controls. Not all of us use QWERTY keyboards.

Note for Linux users (at least for Manjaro with the Plasma desktop environment, not sure about other distros or DEs):

After extracting, you may need to go into the executable's properties to the Permissions tab and check the "Is executable" box. Additionally, your DE/file manager may say something like "For security reasons, launching executables is not allowed in this context." when trying to double-click the executable. If this happens, you'll probably need to run it via a console command (or equivalent, like right-clicking and clicking "Run In Konsole") or create a .desktop file or whatever the equivalent is for your machine (I'm pretty new to Linux myself so I don't really know a whole lot about how things work normally)

how i can unlock the  "stories" 16 and 18 

(sorry if something is bad redacted i dont speak english)

I haven't gotten 18, but for 16, you go back to the girls, select the dialogue about bukkake, and you select ladies!

I scrolled through the comments and found how to get 18! "For those who havent got the last story scene, Beat Dustin's novice level without getting hit, then you should unlock the final scene for act 2, hope the next acts come out soon" you can scroll down and upvote Kneets' comment so others can see it!

When is the steam on the shelf

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what is the point of asking if you like anal just to say too bad instead of having to start the event and use a code to skip the event have the choice actually mean something!

edit:No wonder you can't just skip it you made jokes about getting buttfucked by it and can't out right say you don't enjoy it. This game is just for gays like every other furry game on this shitty site. What a waste of time.


^ Someone left their trash-talking child above, pick them up please.


If ya don't like the game, don't play it, prick :) no reason to spread hate just because you don't like gay people :)

How do I report this dude for bein toxic

man, you seem to actually be offended by the existence of anal in this game. Like, if it's not your cuppa, you can just click through it and not have it mentally devastate you like this. There's also m/f so it's not JUST for gays. Sorry that you're so offended by gay content just existing.


Anybody know a channel who make horror gore animation video. I remember there is a snake who head can fell and a video where a boy is running from a big monster and a guy with a noble or magician suit come out and stop the monster and try to show friendly to the boy but maybe he is the headmaster who created all of these monster. 


Exelent work, really good quality and love put into the project. Just a bit laggy when there's too much npc in the scene, like the bridge and the ruins scenes



how do you meet the final critter and see the final story

there hasn't yet to make a final story, the game is still in progress


Beautiful artwork and fun characters! Almost went straight to Patreon to support, but was really disappointed when the game forces you to be boned in the bum though. Illusion of choice. Tried the skip cheat but it didn't work. Would be nice if you tell Scarlett you're not into anal and it just skips it for you. Can't see any other way to progress either. Until that gets changed it's a dnf for me. Otherwise a great looking game!


Will there be a android version


CHINNES folks aren't able to view it TOO!!!! why!!!I WANNA SUPPORT IT!

Why wont it allow me to download on Mac OS X version 12?


This is a great time! Can't wait for more updates! I know it's supposed to be raunchy and all, but I honestly got a lot more invested in all the different characters and story. Take your time, we love your work!

I really would love to see more between Rascal and Mabel, I would like for them to be together, I guess I ship them hard now, it would be cute :D

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I have ploblem is 15-16 dates. I have a bug, scene is stun and does not continue. Restarting the game doesn't show up anymore.


This is a work of art!

Nauthy art, but good ;)


bruh what... it's a porn game, of course there's *naughty art


how do i get  the woo


It's kinda funny that there's a little rat whit my name in the game, i really like her actually! It kinda fells like it is my persona in the game XD
My name is Mabelle, but i always stick with "Mabel" as a nickname.
Congrats on the game! It's really good, i'm excited to see the final product ;)

I think I found a way for you to add a apk without making controls for now just make it so you can play it on mobile with a xbox controller


Well ill be, Can't wait to give act 2 a try. This game has been phenomenal so far.


how do i unlock the last story?

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For some reason, when I start the game the screen is grey. It works fine when I play on the website though. I'm on Windows 11.


Damn this was amazing, getting the last story for the gallery is going to be impossible if anyone can beat Dustins "novice" challenge than good shit to you 


i cant wait for more and for full thing but why 2024 so long oof :(


will they're be a android version eventuality or at least be playable on an android ?


How To i type? i want to skip the plant


just type the letters, theres no place to type it, you just type it

didn't work. i still don't have all sences


when is act 3 coming out or planned to? that is if hes making act 3


idk but i need act 3 so badddd

Finally a new update, even tho its just an announcement, this gave me hope that act 3 will come

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