---UPDATED AGAIN 5/9/2019! 

  • Desktop version saves the unlocked gallery screen
  • Gallery loops can be toggled via left and right, and played via enter/A button
  • General typos/dialogue tune ups
  • Tightened the way to unlock a small easter egg (Hint: it has to do with the bear)
  • Fixed a couple of small bugs


DEFINITELY SUGGEST PLAYING IT via the desktop version. Downloads just below and free so give it a shot. Full screen that shiz!

General Controls:

  • Movement - Arrowkeys
  • Accept/continue - is right CTRL and Enter
  • Cancel/Pause - ESC
  • Inventory - i 

We also support Xbox Controllers (on windows)! The Web version works with controllers too, so give it a shot! The controls should be relatively intuitive. pause is pause, movement is movement blah blah

Supported versions Windows, OSX, WebGL

(And basically we only hardcore tested windows and webgl xD) 

ALSO we got a bit of a resolution issue where a COUPLE resolutions aren't supported. We have our native Windowed mode size as seen in the webGL and Fullscreen! We've tested a majority of the popular resolutions - but if you're rockin' something FUNKY, then it's probably gonna have some issues. So all you xtra wideboiz beware. Also these following resolutions aren't supported


Things just look a lil funky. it still works but like... Not suggested haha.

If you're trying to play in fullscreen on the Windows build and stuff is getting cut off at the edges, you can switch to windowed mode in the Options menu. Fullscreen/windowed toggle is not (yet) supported on WebGL or Mac.


Anywho that's it! Test around, enjoy the content! Explore and click and read things to your hearts content! 

Please let us know what ya think! We're super excited to show you, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Found a bug? Here's the current bug list and squashed bugs! 

Support us! https://www.patreon.com/CarrotsCritters


Download NowName your own price

Click download now to get access to the following files:

TFOL.VSDemo.190506_Windows.r3.zip 33 MB
TFOL.VSDemo.190506_Mac.r3.zip 33 MB
TFOL.VSDemo.190506_WebGL.r3 - Copy.zip 20 MB


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theres an easter egg with the bear.  i cant find it lmao

There is also Linux version available on Patreon, not sure why it’s not listed here.

is it possible to make a widows 32 bit version?

You're still on windows vista?

no im on windows 7 but i have the 32-bit version

friend, can you do translations? the game is very good and I wish I could understand

I am from Colombia and I would like translation of Spanish Spain

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I loved the game, it was really great and I can't wait for the full release!

I dunno if this was just trouble on my part, but at some point the music was glitching out, and eventually stopped.... but all other sounds were fine which was weird.  Great game tho!

Also, can I get the soundtrack? I love the music!


A game with potential




A literal amazing demo.

I love the whole aspect of the demo's quest, figuring out what to get from who and such. Figuring out what does what. And please, bless otter's poor soul.


Any plans on an android version?


carrot  can't wait full version


You should add the option to remap the keys or use the mouse, so you can play with just "one hand".


come on  updated


Updates on patreon till major milestones are hit!




so is the full version going to be posted here


Nice! The background music stopped playing about 10 minutes or so in btw but other then that I didn't run into any bugs. Art and writing is great I look forward to the full thing 


Very nice, I hope to see the full game! The only thing that stood out to me was the lack of a sprint/run button.


I loved this so much owo

I'm excited for the next update!


For some reason the character and inventory and everything thinks I'm holding an input to go right, but I don't have anything plugged in to do that and pressing right didn't disable it, I was at least able to go left, it'd just go right if I let go. moving up/down was unusually slow compared to left/right, no idea why. Personal bugs aside, nice little demo, you got the basic features seemingly working smoothly, that's what's important.


Do you have a joystick plugged into your computer? It's a common problem that some games will detect phantom movement from an idle joystick


I like this game uwu


really cute ... something I'm curious about, did you guys ever experiment with giving the world sprites little bits that show? not erect or wet or anything but just like .. basically a "more-nude" mod?


Nah personally I never really got that fascination with the nude for nude sake thing - so I didn't even consider their bits to show. 

Definitely looks more legit without that though haha - could put it in a portfolio ;)