Welcome to the Forest!

The Forest of Love is a NSFW furry adventure game! We took inspiration from classic top down games like Zelda, added a bit of charm from things like Animal Crossing, and hit it with a HUGE dose of raunchy smut!

What we got is a casual narrative game with charming critters! Give it a shot and see for yourself!

There's ALL SORTS of content in here! Mainly focusing on feral/cute/sizeplay. And it's all sex-positive! So far there isn't any way to customize your game experience, so try to go in with an open mind!

Check our Dev Logs to find the most recent updates/notes!

Some handy links!

Our Steampage! Wishlist us if ya can =)!
(folks in Germany aren't able to view it, sorry!)

Our Patreon!
Join us and stay up to date with monthly builds!

The Forest of Love's main website!
Some extra info here, and we've got our bug reporting page as well.

Known Bugs:
Itch.io only: Dustin's mini game is unreliable. Gets off beat and may result in a crash. We definitely encourage folks to download and play the game on the desktop!

⚠️ NOTICE ⚠️

For the best experience, download the game and play it on your desktop! WebGL works, but save data does NOT persist after you close the tab. And the game is getting long :x

 ⚠️To Windows Users: ⚠️ 

The game will act funky if you bury the folder DEEP in windows explorer. For example, C/Users/Desktop/Newfolder/etc/etc/etc/etc < This sort of thing will result in too long of a directory path, and they game will act funky.

 ⚠️To Android Users: ⚠️ 

This is a Beta version for Android support in general! Things aren't optimized yet, the touch controls aren't finalized, and there may be some significant bugs. Please help us test if you can! Do report things if there are issues, we'd like to know what Android Version and Phone you're playing on!

IT'S TIME Y'ALL~! Time for ACT 2!

First off, we're pretty dang blown away the support and attention this game has received here on Itch! We're happy to see folks enthused to give our little game a try :> Thank you all for looking, playing, commenting etc! Let me answer a few questions I see coming up pretty often.


  • YES The game is in production. We do it full time, it just takes a while to make sure things are solid. On our Patreon, we have Weekly Posts, Monthly Builds, and you get access to our Discord.
  • We are ONLY releasing full acts on Itch.io. Act 1 had a release, this is our Act 2 release, Act 3 will have its own, etc.
  • The game is free on Itch.io. We will be looking at getting it on Steam very soon (Likely for 10 bucks or so). Patreon members, we got you, don't worry.
  • We DO have touch support and Android APK! Exciting :> But it's still the early stages. Forgive us for bugs!

OK Onto Act 2. We've got a lot of new stuff to show!

  • ALL NEW MUSIC! Same tunes, but remastered/reworked!
  • 17 Illustrated nsfw scenes! (Updated) 24 Illustrated nsfw scenes! Some are multi-part!
  • 7 Total Animations!
  • Meet 4 New critters!
  • Introducing Dustin's Dodge Challenge minigame!
  • New "Critter Dates" mechanic! Pop in on other critter's dates and see what they're up to!
  • Something happening in the forest? Rascal's involvement in the forest accelerates the plot and elements of the game! Act 2 starts to show what things we have planned :)
  • Chapter Select! As you progress, you'll be able to hop back to previous sections of the game. This does wipe your save progress for now though. We will be working on this feature in the future, it was a bug testing thing that we decided might be pretty dope to clean up.
  • Cheats Menus and Toggles! Sometimes replaying or seeing 
  • Particle Effects baybeeee!
  • New Title Screen! It's sleek!
  • Much more! We've got a few new systems in place that will flourish in our future builds! 

You'll just have to see for yourself! Give it a shot and let us know what ya think!

Oh, here's a list of a few bugs we're aware of:

  • Interacting with Penny will mess with the Background Audio levels in Central Forest. It'll go back to normal eventually.
  • WebGL has a loud hiss that happens. Likely due to audio memory allocation for browsers. 

Found a bug? Report it here! https://www.theforestoflove.com/bugs

Support us on Patreon!  https://www.patreon.com/CarrotsCritters

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(1,123 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags8-Bit, Adult, Animals, Furry, NSFW, Porn
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
LinksHomepage, Steam, Patreon


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

TFOL.Linux.Act2Official.220927.r4.zip 204 MB
TFOL.Mac.Act2Official.220927.r4.zip 203 MB
TFOL.Windows.Act2Official.220927.r4.zip 203 MB
TFOL.Windows32bit.Act2Official.220927.r4.zip 200 MB
theforestoflove.apk 263 MB

Development log


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Reading about the "Blessing of the Bells" from Penny gave me chills. Beautiful story and gameplay.

I will keep my eye on this!

(5 edits)

it indeed was a frosty story :p(the pun was necessary).

I approve of your pun.

(6 edits)

Pleasure doing business with ya :p

(and yes thats the only back up line i could think off,tho if you need more puns just ask.Tho no promises on quality :P ).

it is indeed a beautiful story! my only hope is that we get to see everyone's favorite red panda (me xd) Rascall, taking part of it.

(9 edits)

Maybe he even caused it.You never know :p.The plot can always thicken(if that actually happens tho, i blame magical rocks or the fish).

The game works on chromebook, but how do I make it run better?

(3 edits)

Well there are a few things that can  make it run better:

Put the  game in in window mode,lower effects on the game,lower your resolution and shutdown any back up apps running.(btw you can drop your chromebooks resolution by clicking on settings and then clicking on display.There should be resolution option there, tho if its not there you have to upgrade some of your drivers :p(i think).Tho to be honest i have no idea how chromebook  works so no promises :p).

Thats all for now tho :p(i hope).Tho a warning your game will probably have nokia graphics after that,so its like a double edged blade effect  :p.

I do have a chromebook from 2017 soo...

(2 edits)

oh.Eh it will  probably still look worse tho :p.(probably)

Dang Darkness, you are always first here to help people out, I always come here late XD (kee it up though!)

(7 edits)

I will try to :p(no promises tho).Tho you were helping people before i was even here,so dont give me all the credit :p (also im not really  good at taking  a compliment,so my message might be kinda blant, thx tho :p)

yeah I was on vacation back then, now college has been taking all of my time, not even to be here and share my knowledge I guess, but I try to whenever I can. 

(2 edits)

I can respect that :p.After all you always gotta take care of your own life 1. before taking  on other things.Thats just how life works,but still life is short so dont ower work yourself.(btw thats a lesson not a pun :p).

PLEASE HELP how can i get act 1, its act 2 everywhere 

(1 edit)

No worries i got ya :p.Its a hard process tho,so listen carefully.

1. Open the forest of love

2.Press new game

Thats all :p

(1 edit) (+1)

no way (so there is act 1 in act 2 coz all files to download are with act 2 in name)

(10 edits)

Yep.The forest of love has act 1 and act 2 :p.Bassically the whole repairing a broken bridge(best character)  and getting goofed by piranha plant from Mario  is all act 1(and other stuff that might be spoilers,so i cant really tell them ).In other words when the 1 . day ends basically act 2 begins.

YOU SPOILERED >:O (thanks bro)

(2 edits)

oh.That was more of a warning  :p.No problem tho.(btw was that thanks  sarcastic or ?)

Where can I find the save file for this game on Android.

Okay so I found it but I don't see any save files and yes I have played this game but I don't see any save files on it and I'm actually trying to find the ones from yesterday because I downloaded it yesterday.

(3 edits)

Ye that might be  another pesky bug :p.Or you just forgot to save the game.(tho its probably a bug).

I am having a bug on mobile, I can't interact with anything in my bag, plz help.

(2 edits)

This probably wont help,but maybe it will work if you connect a controller to your phone (probably).No promises tho :p

(1 edit)

Dont got one :D

(12 edits)

Oh.Well darn then.Tho if you have 2 phones at home.You could use 1 as an emulator for a controller :P.Tho as before no promises.(and yes using phone as an emulator for controller is possible.(probably).

(1 edit)

well right now there's not much to do with the bag but there should be a little "p" symbol at the right on your screen! 

I am having issues ringing the perch bell… HELP?

(20 edits)

How tho?Like does the perch not react to the bell or did you just forget to pick up the bell ?If you didnt forget  to pick up the bell .Then it might be a pesky bug,or the bird is  just lazy :p.

The act 3 is it already available? for public?

Sadly not.Tho i think half of act 3 is available on the patreon version of the game :p.Tho you need to pay for patreon first to get that version,so rip many.

when will act 4 come out?

(3 edits)

Only   god can answer that :p

Tho if you want more information on that check here:https://www.theforestoflove.com/roadmap
 (Not on god thing tho.That was suppose to be a mix of a pun and the harsh truth:p)

pretty much what Dark said! 

i need ask : are this game if it is done it will be free in steam in 2024 ?

(6 edits)

Well they did say something about it being 10 bucks or so.Here tho :p


This should tell you more about that(probably).

Tho the side behind the link wasnt updated for 1 year .So i cant promise much :p

they confirmed that the game will be free! 

the money is to help them! 

(29 edits)

Oh.Not gonna lie thats actually very generous of them(no puns included).


I'm sorry, but I really want to know

No worries :p.Btw scroll down to your 1. comment to see my help.As im to lazy to write it again.(Also respect for translations:p).

Кто - нибудь из добрых людей может сказать мне, как сохранить семена этого цветка в восточном лесу?



Can any kind person tell me how to keep the seed of that flower in the east forest?

Thats ez.Just break your space button:p(bassically keep pressing your space button  until you get to the mischievous rabbit with a  hat,also yes a wild rattata will try to block your way(a white mouse ),you will have to wait for the rattata to finish her text.(as you cant fast skip it ).Tho if you are playing this on phone.Then i have no idea how to help you(tho you could connect a controller to it(probably).

I tried it on my pc and it works great, but when I play on my phone it doesn’t let me choose an option when talking to someone, how can I fix that?

if you mean switching between Gossip or Talk, on phone there are two things right on top of the botton A.

if you mean to navigate around the Gossips, then you use the joysticis on the bottom left. 

is there a use for the bottle? i cant seem to catch a firefly to illuminate the forest path

(3 edits)

I also tried that :P.Tho sadly i dont think there is any  use for the bottle yet.So we can only imagine for what the bottel will be used for.(the power of imagination ).

at least it wont be used like 1man 1jar

(6 edits)

we can only hope.Imagination is  a wild place after all :P.(also 2 words,magical rocks).Tho the game does have  some stuff with kinks,and im pretty  sure a mouse can fit in the jar.Probably overthinking it tho :p

youre cool

(7 edits)

Right back at ya :p.(tho i dont know why im cool,but thx :P(Im assuming it was because of the jar theory.Which was still not solved(tho i gess it was more of an after thought then a theory(or was it ).

It says early access on steam but your not able to play it on steam yet. Is there any plans to allow us to play it on steam before the full release?

unfortunetly, no.

at least not currently in the plans. 


I hope the development is going great. You have my best wishes for the game. Good job!

Do you have plans for a quest lo? And i cant seem to get the wool from Ferdinan. I try talking but to no help? I'm on android device.

(12 edits)

You need to get sheers from the shop where Maverick(best waifu(no homo tho) is working at .Then  you can get the wool from Ferdinan.Here :P.

This should probably help.(tho this is  from the pc version,so this could be  a bit different in your version.i actually have no idea :P)


When next update the game is amazing

we have to be patient they are working really hard, so we have to wait patiently ^-^ 

(4 edits)

Paitence is the key a wise turtle  said.The next day the turtle exploded into pink leaves.(seriously tho patience is the key).Also yes this was suppose to be a mix of a pun and a lesson.(also a refrence :P).Tho not gonna lie it did sound better in my head.

(1 edit) (+7)




happy new year to you as well! wah! 

i have finished all the content in an older verion of the game and ive downloaded the newer version but i dont know how to transfer my save file over cos i dont really wanna replay the whole game

any help would be nice :)

(2 edits)

Ye sorry but i dont think thats actually possible :P.Tho usually le  save data transfers itself into  the new version.So you might already have all your saved progress in the new version.(Probably)

if you don't want to go all over the game again in a newer version then I recommend just using cheats to unlock everything, you said that you have already finished the game, so you wouldn't be missing anything new. 

Deleted 32 days ago

Always great to see new futa content.

(5 edits) (+2)

Wait what.There is no futa  content tho.

I beg you.Pls dont jinx it.




yeah, no offense to anyone here, but futa just...doesn't fit the theme of the game, I mean is not my game of course, I'm sadly not even a patreon (although I wish I was) but like, being a feral game that goes more of the realistic part of animals, a futa just doesn't fit, at least for me. 

(4 edits) (+1)

Ye.It would also make zero sense for it to to be in a game.Unless the magical  rocks did something.Magical rocks can do some weird shit meight.(and yes ik the pain of le patreon).


love the game idk what to do after (spoiler) the rocks start glowing cause it said end of game unless u have to download it


when the rocks start glowing is the end of act II you have to wait until they release act III and the future acts (which we all have been waiting patiently).

Though, after you finish act II (the glowing rocks) you can go to Scarlett and ask "How is Penny able to carry all these critters?" that will trigger the "Blessing of the Bells" mini event. 

Your game seems pretty cool

why is one of the track very similar to ss anne from red and blue

Thats ez :p.We all know that magical rocks are secretly connected to diglets from pokemon.So it only makes sense that the track would be similar.Its all connected.


(2 edits)

And not gonna lie but Mabel(tiny white mouse) is probably connected to rattatas.

(4 edits)


(no puns included :P)

Merry Christmas to you as well! or happy Blessing of the Bells! 

(1 edit)

Thx :P.Tho i still dont trust that bell.

am I the only one that comes here almost every day just waiting for updates or to help if anyone needs it here in the coments? XD

Heh.Sadly not :P.


Android version crashed after pressing "start new game" with no error message whatsoever, same thing happens when I start from an act. It goes to the loading screen and the game stops working and kicks me out of the game. Not sure what's going on with that.

(1 edit) (+1)

Its probably a bug :P.Or the game is possessed.

Sameee it does the same shit I was hoping i wasn't the only one experiencing this problem

I really like this game.

(3 edits) (+3)

Btw carrot and vixel.You 2 probably wont read this.But take a break.Really.Like you   two need it for your own health.And im just guessing but you two are probably also overworked.So take a break or something.Le respect for the grind btw .(But seriously tho at least take mini breaks or something).

What do i do after i get the Rosetta stone

(5 edits) (+1)(-1)

Give it to the big old lizard :P.(Seriously tho give it to that lizard).

 If it was given by the lizard tho.You cant do anything with it :P.As the thing for the stone is not  in the game yet .So here is more information on that https://carrotscritters.itch.io/the-forest-of-love/devlog/404692/act-3-progress-... .

(1 edit) (+1)

I really hope there will be a Chinese version in the future. This is really a great game. I can only buy it on steam.There are really many China players who like it. If there is a Chinese version, it will definitely sell.

for some reason the download website isnt loading, Help?

(4 edits)

It could be that your browser's cache is full?Probably.If thats not it.Then your problem could be 1 of these:(misconfiguration, corrupt files, problems with a database). If its not any of these problems .Then idk :P (Tho you could yust reset your pc,that is the easiest option).

I like the game, it's really a well done game. Just if have to change something, it'd be to add more scenes with girls but it's still a good game👍🏼


just in case I don't come here and say it, but Merry Christmas and happy new year for everyone here! or... happy blessing of the bells! hehehe. 

(3 edits)

Merry Christmas :P.And happy blessing of the bells.Tho i sure hope that the giant bell doesnt fall from the sky.(and yes that was supposed to be a pun ).

Hey I just wanted to say I hope your doing okay! Also I love your game and I hope the next part comes out soon I'd love to play some more of it!

(4 edits)

respect.Also lets hope that he is also okey :P . There are  2 people working on this  game after all.

we all hope she's doing okay and we all are wainting for more patentially. c: 

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