The game is NOT optimized for browser-play. For best experience, download for whatever OS you have! It's free and down below.

- WebGL fix 9/1/2020 -

Save progress is maintained when returning to the main menu. Save progress will be lost when the tab is closed.

- ACT 1 UPDATE! 8/8/2020 -

DAAAAAAAMn long time no see y'all! First I'd like to apologize for the lack of interaction/upkeep on this site! And secondly I'd like to probably assert that we LIKELY won't be using this site as a main source of interaction at all. We're keeping it as a place to host the content, and gather some extra funds and that's about it! It's difficult to manage all the sites we normally use on top of the game's production, so it's not smart to take on another site presence.

By far, if you'd like to stay in the loop with our production, our Patreon has access to our discord community, monthly builds, and posts from us :>!

Anyways, without further ado, we'd like to show what we've been up to for the past year! The amount of things that have changed since the demo is STAGGERING and if I was to list it all, it'd be dumb. So instead, just give it a shot :>


So far our game is most optimized and tested on the Windows Build.

  • Mac Builds - We do have builds for Mac - but we don't have a signed certificate for it just yet. For Catalina and Later builds: You will need to follow the instructions on the README
    • Tested from 10.6 to 11 and 10.15.x and later need the -x command
  • WebGL - As you can see, we have WebGL support (if it's loading, give it some time) - but it's not our largest priority making it work for Web. The game will eventually be too big. So there are some issues with it.
    • Known Audio Issues
    • Known pixel squishing
    • Doesn't support saving your game - IN FACT. If you go to the menu at all, it'll delete your save :O! (might be doing a fix, for now we always suggest downloading the game.)
    • Some small framerate and event processing lag.
  • Linux - No issues that we know 


Anyways, we're super happy to finally get this released! As I said it's basically an entirely new game from the demo's release. We've spent a TON of time creating, iterating, and revamping major systems! We wanted all of this stuff in and SOLID for the first act so we don't have to worry about it while we move forward. Of course, cleanup and optimization is a project-long endeavor, but as far as functionality goes, we really wanted to make sure all of it is here.

We'd like to thank you all for your patience! We hope you can extend that patience as we vastly underestimated the game development process xD! It's our utmost priority to bring something super special and super fleshed out to the community. We needed the time to set those foundations properly.

For now, (assuming there is no game breaking bugs) - we will be taking a bit of time to celebrate how far we've come and this passing of a MASSIVE mile stone =) But we do have a lot of Act 2's content fleshed out, and assets have been in productions for a few months now.

Thanks for reading everyone! Please consider supporting us on our Patreon to stay up-to-date and get a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff!

Please enjoy!

Found a bug? Report it here!

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I hope someone will respond me. 

Is the game is available on mobile? 

Cause I really want to play this game on it, I don't have computer with me for now and probably for a long time and if we can play on phone, I don't know how to launch the game. If someone can explain or just tell me we can't play it on phone, thanks. 

Good game I'm looking forward to the innovations that will come soon I hope soon :)

Sorry but I only found 2 of the 3 scenes where is the 3rd?

go back to the race area


Any news about Act 2?

LOVE THIS GAME! Its so Cute and Lewd, Perfect Combo, Love to see what Act 2 has to Offer! Keep Doing A Great Job At Making this Game! <3 <3 ,3

Good Game

Update please T.T

Damn this game it sooooo good. Can't wait to play more of it!


It's cute! It's a well-thought story! The town music, oh my... even when the first time i heard it, it's already sound kinda naughty! and, of course, the naughty part as well... is quite engaging <3!

I really love how well you create the dialog between each critters! the dialog goes along well with each of their personality! I certainly and absolutely can't wait for the Act 2 and on!

Thank you so much for your hard work, and i give you my deepest regards and well-wished thought for the team on making this masterpiece!!

Man you have to make save slots! My run was ruined for the 2nd time because of bugs, if you dont wanna to make save slots, at least make a way to turn off the Autosave.

I realy liked the game, but i I couldn't finish, please make changes 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻.

(I am brazilian, everything i know about English i learn in games, sorry if i wrote something wrong).


Nice.  A bit simple and short, but the animation is smooth and the controls easy to use.  The 'artistic' scenes aren't to my personal taste, but no reason they should be, are still well made.  Music sets a good background, and the sound effects are solid.  By no means a finished game, but doesn't claim to be.   Looks like will be a very good game when is finished.

Android when?

Very high quality game! I like GUI and the way the story progresses. 10/10 for a demo!

Show post...

hello hank from Madness Combat

(1 edit) (+2)

Might not see more content till possibly 2022 due to the fact that theyre releasing acts 2, 3, and 4. Act 5 is supposed to be the post game where you can explore and meet new critters that Patreons have paid to be in the game so definitely bookmark or download this game 

(1 edit)

Very fun game, but just a couple bugs I noticed in the Mac build. 1) I was unfortunately not able to save my progress, even after pressing save. 2) Sometimes when I play the game, after completing the quest to...get fertiliser, I am not able to talk with the rabbit at all. 3) The characters are TOO CUTE. Love the artwork and i hope you have fun making the game and have a great day ^_^


I liked it!       I want Act 2 T_T..

How do I use the bell on keyboard?


Hi Carrot! I really enjoyed your game with Vixel, I've been playing every one of your monthly patchnote from patreon. And practically since the beginning of your game, I would like to add my pet there. A regular one, but an interesting one that wouldn't have a story attached to it, but that would have a scene with the main character. Could you tell me, do you add custom characters to the game for money? If so, how much would it cost to fully add my character to the game? Again, let me remind you that it will be a regular critter, it doesn't necessarily have to have quests through it. I just want it to be there. Thanks!

From patreon


i would sell my soul for more of this

i hope it continues soon with the version of tfol

can you play this on chromebook?

Yep! Works for me!


A nice game 


what in fucks name are u doin

When will the Android version be?

it’s a really good game!

when will the full game come out


maybe 2022

2 soon


Fun game


can you add a dragon? XD but I really love what I’ve seen! I really hope to see much more! ^^ Oh I love penny though!


Fantastic demo! I loved it and can't wait to see how the game ends up!


This looks like a very promising game. Can't say I was a little disappointed in only one M/F scene, but I understand that the production constraints prevented more scenes from being added yet. The graphic and audio design are absolutely perfect, the gameplay is simple but suitable for the genre/circumstances, the story has some juicy opportunities... I can't wait to see the Mabel scene :)

do you have Twitter?

I cant figure out how to ring the bell, Im on pc, can anyone help?

Interact with the perch right next to where you got the bell!


I think the next update will be a really big one.
Maybe chapter 2 will come out?


This game is very good but is it dead :(((?


No of course not :0! We do monthly builds on patreon, and then do big major releases online at certain milestones


ahhhh okay cuz i saw the newest update is several month before so im just a little afraid thank for letting me know and i will wait :D 

Игра оставила  негативные впечатления, уже третий день я не могу пройти с квестом с ебучим растением. Время слишком быстро идёт, я не успеваю даже дойти до места.

Исправьте это пожалуйста.        


Там надо нажимать пробел, именно не зажимать, а быстро нажимать

anyone knows how to get scene 3?

the three are with the plant, scarlet, and dustin's

if I remember to get dustin's you need to gossip with him

Amazing game! The only thing I wish was there to be some audio for the cut-scenes (which is just my preference), but overall really awesome with great potential! I hope I get to enjoy all the other acts when they're released!  

Any update on the mobile vision of this game?


why are there only 2 fxm scene :(

There are three, you have to go all the way to the left of the world and you'll meet a another critter 

I think you misunderstand what OC is saying, they said "FxM," meaning female + male (more commonly just F/M or F+M). Though, I only saw 1 M/F scene, I don't think the plant counts. 


Oh yeah, mb.. but yeah there are only 1 MxM and 1 MxF... and the plant thing doesnt really count

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