Act 2 Public Launch!

(Btw, no idea if I'm using these Dev Log things right... I think I'm supposed to update stuff through it, and keep the main game's description about the game :x oops.)

⚠️ NOTICE ⚠️

For the best experience, download the game and play it on your desktop! WebGL works, but save data does NOT persist after you close the tab. And the game is getting long :x

IT'S TIME Y'ALL~! Time for ACT 2!

First off, we're pretty dang blown away the support and attention this game has received here on Itch! We're happy to see folks enthused to give our little game a try :> Thank you all for looking, playing, commenting etc! Let me answer a few questions I see coming up pretty often:

  • YES The game is in production. We do it full time, it just takes a while to make sure things are solid. On our Patreon, we have Weekly Posts, Monthly Builds, and you get access to our Discord.
  • We are ONLY releasing full acts on Act 1 had a release, this is our Act 2 release, Act 3 will have its own, etc.
  • The game is free on We will be looking at getting it on Steam very soon (Likely for 10 bucks or so). Patreon members, we got you, don't worry.
  • We DO NOT have touch support yet. But some higher-end tablets can play the version! It works on my 2020 Ipad Pro. Keyboard and Xbox Controller work as well! (this is not the best experience, but it is do-able!) Once we're on steam, we'll look at getting it verified for the Steam Deck as well! 

OK Onto Act 2. We've got a lot of new stuff to show!

  • ALL NEW MUSIC! Same tunes, but remastered/reworked!
  • 17 Illustrated nsfw scenes! Some are multi-part!
  • 4 New animations!
  • Meet 4 New critters!
  • Introducing Dustin's Dodge Challenge minigame!
  • New "Critter Dates" mechanic! Pop in on other critter's dates and see what they're up to!
  • Something happening in the forest? Rascal's involvement in the forest accelerates the plot and elements of the game! Act 2 starts to show what things we have planned :)
  • Chapter Select! As you progress, you'll be able to hop back to previous sections of the game. This does wipe your save progress for now though. We will be working on this feature in the future, it was a bug testing thing that we decided might be pretty dope to clean up.
  • Particle Effects baybeeee!
  • New Title Screen! It's sleek!
  • Much more! We've got a few new systems in place that will flourish in our future builds! 

You'll just have to see for yourself! Give it a shot and let us know what ya think!

Oh, here's a list of a few bugs we're aware of:

  • Interacting with Penny will mess with the Background Audio levels in Central Forest. It'll go back to normal eventually.
  • WebGL has a loud hiss that happens. Likely due to audio memory allocation for browsers. 

So what's next?

First, we'll be taking a little break! Then we will be transitioning our entire game to a fresh project. Vixel's super stoked about this transition and what it's gonna save him in terms of time and bug-busting. It'll be a lot of work, but absolutely worth it! He's already started the process several weeks ago!

Then we'll be going full hog into Act 3! As I said, tons of content is already prepared for it, Hopefully we'll be looking at quicker turn around times per-act. But we'll see. We are doing our best not to over-stress ourselves out with deadlines, and just letting things get completed when they do!

That's it! Please enjoy <3!

Found a bug? Report it here!

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do game saves not transfer over? if they do, how to do so

Loving how this story is going, and can't wait for an Act 3 with Act 2 ending like that!
tho with scenes I have to ask but with "4 new animations" does that excludes Scarlett's animation or nah?  since as of the moment I do have 4 now animations unlocked (with some gaps in between seeing there's 7 animations in total but don't know if that's for future updates)

I finished the Story what is avesome.
This game is too adorable especially our Red Panda >///<
The bonuses are misable after the story?
I talked with everybody about everything and still missing 2 stories (12,18)
You must do something before certain story?

I started act 2 last night then finished it an hour ago... Now I'm so so happy but so so sad. I cannot WAIT until act 3!! The Forest of Love is one of my favorite furry games ever, up there with Adastra. I found nothing I didn't like... apart from when I was really sad when I found out Maverick is into women... BUT OTHER THAN THAT it was an amazing experience.


Dude big sad, my game black screened right as I'm about to engage with Dustin. Pls fix ^^  Lovingggg the new stuff thooooo


Okay nvm, I fixed it myself.  Idk why but downloading through the official itchio app worked instead of just the website.  Please look into that when you get a chance ^^

Wish I could have helped with my music. I see a lot of furry projects that already have full teams, and I'm not getting any younger during the pandemic

I seem to have the opposite luck, though. I hardly find any folks for my own game series/company...although I suppose I haven't *really* looked either. I do aim to keep things small though. (we got someone for art and myself for code [I am code derg], but still looking for music composers)

I'd reply in a more direct way to ask more...but this seems to be the only way to reply to you. (never messaged on itch before, you can find me elsewhere via the same name)

will do! even just to chat about game dev stuff or gaming. I'm @YonkRaccoon on Twitter and my wip music twitter is @YonkBGM. I have furry art accounts but they're clucky to use for messaging for me since I'm rarely on them.

I apparently somehow didn't see this message, and while randomly browsing I realized I messaged here and seen that I never did followup.

Was going to message you there, but it seems impossible to do so. If you are available to do so, you could message me on Discord or Telegram (same name on both) since that's way easier to use than Twitter has gotten garbage anyways (more than usual). lol


oooh, lovely. Is there a way to carry saves forward, or do we have to replay it (oh no what a drag however shall I cope)






Holy poop, act 2 is finally here?! Imma go play it, :D